Be part of the green shift and take part in the Going Green Program, implemented by the SADC and CAE Network with the Economic Development Agency of Canada. Get specialized expertise to guide you in improving your environmental and economic performance or benefit from support for the implementation of collective sustainable development (SD) projects.

The Centre d’Aide aux Entreprises Haute-Montérégie provides you with a sum of money allowing you to obtain the services of a consultant or an expert specialized in sustainable development.

Who is the program for?

The objective of this program is to specifically stimulate the greening of the regional ecosystem by supporting companies and organizations in structured local economic development projects in sustainable development:

  • Industrial symbiosis and circular economy
  • Carbon neutrality and carbon credits
  • Increase of renewable energies and energy autonomy
  • Awareness, mobilization and training on SD issues and opportunities

The program also supports companies in need of specialized expertise to improve their environmental and economic performance:

  • Optimization of waste management and processes
  • Optimization of energy consumption and efficiency
  • Optimization of freight transport
  • Responsible procurement
  • Carbon footprint and greenhouse gas reduction potential
  • Sustainable business model
  • Ecodesign, etc.
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