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The Centre d’Aide aux Entreprises Haute-Montérégie (Haute-Montérégie business assistance centre) is a non-profit organization created in 1985, initially funded by the federal government under the Sociétés CLÉ program. In 1988, the Société CLÉ du Haut-Richelieu became the Centre d’Aide aux entreprises du Haut-Richelieu Inc. The organization became autonomous in 1995 and changed its name to the Centre d’Aide aux Entreprises Haute-Montérégie, or CAEHM, for short, to better reflect the territory it serves.

The CAEHM also founded the Centre Technologique et Industriel du Haut-Richelieu in 2000 and the Centre MÉCATRON in 2015.

In 2019, the CAEHM renewed its agreement under Canada Economic Development’s Community Futures Program (CFP) for another five years. It thus became a hybrid organization, allowing it to offer all the services of a Community Futures Development Corporation (SADC), including financing programs.

The CAEHM is also a supporter of the Réseau Mentorat de la Haute-Montérégie, a mentorship network that aims to accelerate local entrepreneurs’ development in order to increase their business’s survival rate and foster their growth.

The CAEHM is therefore a key organization for entrepreneurs in the area seeking support, financing and training, whether their business is at the start-up, development or transfer stage.

The CAEHM is 

  • 5 full-time employees

  • International trainees

  • 8 volunteer directors

  • 17 active volunteer mentors

  • Several volunteer collaborators

  • Nearly 450 clients

  • Participation in more than 30 committee meetings and activities each year

  • Dozens of projects financed each year

  • More than 100 hours of training given

Centre d'aide aux entreprises Haute-Montérégie

     CAEHM team

Mirette Tiani
Mirette TianiGeneral Manager
Lynda Lamarre
Lynda LamarreAdministrative assistant
Gabrielle Hudon
Gabrielle HudonCommunication and Development Agent

Board of directors

The CAEHM is managed by a volonteer board of directors made up of professionals and business people who are representative of the population serve. All investment and strategy decisions are made independently, by professionals who care about the region’s economic development.

Stéphane Legrand

Isabelle Martineau

Marcelina Jugureanu

Fernand Croisetière

Nathalie Beaudin

Isabelle Duquette

Sylvain Simard

Mirette Tiani

Luc Guérin

Mathieu Poirier