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The CAEHM is committed to giving entrepreneurs in the Haute-Montérégie area the support, advice and services they need to develop their project. Whether your business is at the start-up, expansion or buyout stage, the CAEHM team is here to guide you every step of the way.

The CAEHM provides eligible entrepreneurs with financing, personalized support sessions, technical training as well as several networking opportunities during special events.

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The CAEHM gives entrepreneurs in the Haute-Montérégie area access to several helpful courses during the year. Up to 90% of the initial cost is subsidized via a significant contribution by Emploi-Québec. The courses are given by external experts specialized in different fields, such as corporate accounting, social media management, web marketing, entrepreneurial leadership and work organization.

We are constantly adapting our offer to entrepreneurs’ emerging needs. Visit the  section of our website for information on the subjects, prices and dates of our next courses.

Did you know

  • Each year, we offer more than 160 hours of training to dozens of local businesses!

Did you know

  • Providing businesses with guidance and support is the CAEHM’s main activity, especially in the pre-start-up phase!

One-on-one meetings

Have questions about your new business idea and its viability? Your business is growing fast and you don’t know where to focus your energy? Looking to sell your business, merge or incorporate? No matter what challenge you are facing, the CAEHM is here to support you during the pivotal steps on your entrepreneurial journey. 

If you would like us to assess your situation with you, contact us to schedule a meeting with one of our advisors.

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Mentoring allows entrepreneurs from all walks of life to be supported and listened to. It helps the mentees accelerate their entrepreneurial development, as well as gain perspective, better weigh their options and make informed decisions.

In the mentor-mentee relationship, a person with considerable entrepreneurship experience helps guide you by sharing their knowledge and know-how.

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Did you know

  • More than 15 mentors donate their time to local entrepreneurs!

Did you know

  • The Lumière sur l’entrepreneuriat event attracts nearly 30 sponsors and partners.


The CAEHM hosts the annual Lumière sur l’entrepreneuriat (spotlight on entrepreneurship) gala, which celebrates the tenacity and determination of the brave entrepreneurs who launched a business the previous year. Hundreds of guests gather to meet the new entrepreneurs and learn about their projects.

The CAEHM is also a partner of various entrepreneurship-related events, such as the Ose Entreprendre Challenge, which awards significant cash prizes for projects that will stimulate Quebec’s economy.

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