The possibility of not being paid, of only receiving partial payment or being paid late is an inconvenience all businesses are likely to experience at some point.

Bad payers can hurt your bottom line. So how do you ensure that your clients pay in full and on time? You can’t just trust them to do so. You have to put everything in place to effectively manage the risk.

Are you aware of your legal rights and obligations as a business owner? 

A lack of legal knowledge, not having a good understanding of the role a lawyer can play and fear of a hefty bill are all reasons fledgling businesses rarely seek out legal advice, or wait until a problem arises. This is your chance to learn all about the various legal elements that can greatly impact the longevity of your business. Led by Marie-Pier D’Auteuil, lawyer at La Boîte Légale.

Learn about:

  • The commonly used business documents (sales contract, commercial lease, employment contract, release of liability, confidentiality agreement, non-competition agreement, non-solicitation agreement, quote, service contract and invoice)
  • The clauses and pitfalls to avoid
  • Legal and administrative strategies
  • Legal forms of business partnerships

This course is for businesses that have been in operation for five years or less*