Youth Strategy loan

  • Amount of loan ranging from $5,000 to $25,000

Repayment terms

  • Capital and interest repaid via monthly instalments

  • No interest payable on the loaned amount for the first 24 months following disbursement

  • Moratorium of up to six months on the repayment of the capital

  • Repayment at the National Bank’s prime rate, plus a rate varying between 3.05% and 6.05%

  • Guarantees may be required

Use of the financing

  • Down payment in the form of capital

  • Acquisition of capital assets

  • Start-up costs

  • Working capital

Eligibility criteria

  • Be between the ages of 18 and 39 upon applying

  • Maximum of two young people per project

  • Hold majority shares in the company

  • More specific criteria may apply

Process for submitting a financing application

Wanting to provide exceptional service to entrepreneurs who are seeking financing, the CAEHM now offers an online application form (Step 1). After we receive your application, one of our advisors will contact you to finalize steps 2 and 3.




Fill out the Project Presentation and Applicant Profile form

Fill out the form



Fill out the grid to determine the eligibility of your financing application. (The grid will be emailed to you after you fill out the application form in Step 1).



Write a business plan (provide information about the members of management and data about the market and production)

Genral conditions for submitting a financing application

  •  Authorize the CAEHM to run a credit check on you

  • The business’s head office must be located within the area served by the CAEHM

  • The loan granted cannot be used to refinance an existing debt

  • In accepting the loan, the entrepreneur agrees to the following:

  • Be monitored during the entire repayment period.
  • Provide financial statements at regular intervals. The interval will be determined based on the project’s maturity.
  • Help draw up a support plan that will take the form of updated management skills, mandatory coaching and/or mentoring.