Emergency loan

Sometimes a customer’s payment is guaranteed, but will arrive a few days later. An emergency loan can be used to cover a very temporary shortage of working capital, to pay a new supplier in cash, to fix a machine that breaks down unexpectedly or other.

  • Amount of loan is $10,000 or less

  • Identification an explanations on how the loan will be used

  • Guarantees required: personal surety bond, life insurance (other guarantees may be required)

  • Interest rate based on the average rate applied by other business assistance centres, i.e., around 8.5% (this rate will be adjusted according to the project’s risk)

  • Amortization of the loan over a maximal period of 24 months

Process for submitting a financing application

Wanting to provide exceptional service to entrepreneurs who are seeking financing, the CAEHM now offers an online application form (Step 1). After we receive your application, one of our advisors will contact you to finalize steps 2 and 3.




Fill out the Project Presentation and Applicant Profile form

Fill out the form



Fill out the grid to determine the eligibility of your financing application. (The grid will be emailed to you after you fill out the application form in Step 1).



Write a business plan (provide information about the members of management and data about the market and production)

General conditions for submitting a financing application 


The CAEHM offers financing for entrepreneurs who meet the following general conditions:

– Be 18 or older

– Be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident

– Carry out the project in the territory served by the CAEHM

– Have a satisfactory credit history (business and/or entrepreneur)

– Have a satisfactory personal assessment (entrepreneur)